Jesus and Politics
Christians, Liberty, & Justice Today

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What Jesus and Politics Is All About

A scholarly conference and community gathering, featuring experts in church history, theology and activism, seeking to translate biblical teachings to our day through careful study, thought and dialogue.



Dr. Jim Wallis

Founder, President, Editor-in-Chief of Sojourners Magazine

Opening Plenary


Claudia Allen

PhD Student at the University of Maryland/Content Manager for Message Magazine

"And the Word Became Flesh": The 21st c. Socio-Political Implications of the Incarnation


Ronald Sider

Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Palmer Theological Seminary

Christians and Killing: What did Jesus say?


Timothy Golden

Professor of Political Science at Walla Walla University

Adventism, Jesus and Politics


David Trim

Director of Archives, Statistics & Research, General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists

Missionaries as Conversionary, Humanitarian and Political Actors in Adventist History 


Michael Nixon

Vice President for Diversity and Inclusion at Andrews University

Prophetic Adventism in the 21st Century


Nicholas Miller

Professor of Church History, Andrews University Seminary

Prophetic Adventism in the 21st Century

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